We, at Guardian Network are dedicated to protecting all your personal and medical information.


Respect of privacy is valued at the upmost standard and prudential standards are in place to protect our valued clients. Our protocols to manage and protect such sensitive information align with all Government requirements and principles, including:

  • The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988
  • The Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000
  • The Victorian Health Records Act 2001
Personal information is compiled in order to help us plan, assess and deliver services that are of the highest standard, aligning closely to our client’s individual needs.

Additionally such information helps support our internal processes allowing us to continuously improve the quality of our services for our clients. These processes include billing, management of risk, continuous review, assessment and improvement of our services, training staff to meet the client’s needs and identifying services that may be of interest to our client….


Information is disclosed only when consensual, necessary or would be reasonably expected by our client in order to plan, provide and deliver services. Third parties to whom information may be disclosed to may include the Commonwealth Government, the Victorian Governments or contractors and other care providers. In such circumstances we ensure that such third parties share stringent privacy protocols, that information is divulged through safe channels, and that the information is only used for the initial purpose for which it was provided.
Upon sharing of private or personal information to third parties we ensure disclosure adheres to obligations of both the Privacy and Health Acts mentioned above.
Security measures are in place to assure such guidelines are adhered, to prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Upon cessation of services, all information is disposed of appropriately so that it may not be retrievable by unauthorised personnel.
At Guardian Network, we have procedures to continuously update the relevance of information in order to cater to the current needs and circumstance of our clients. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the information we provide is up to date.
All relevant individuals, subject to the guidelines of the National Privacy Principles and the Health Privacy Principles, will be given reasonable opportunities to correct and update personal information via the appropriate channels prior to submitting an application to Guardian Networks Privacy Officer.
If you have any questions in relation to privacy, please contact us on (03) 9819 7200. Alternatively, you can write to privacy@guardian-network.com.au.