As a palliative care provider, we appreciate and can relate, to the trauma of witnessing a loved one’s final days.

Guardian Network is dedicated to supporting you and your family in this most difficult of times, through to, and beyond, the final farewell.

We are able to provide clarity, stability and certainty in this most turbulent and uncertain of times through our palliative care services.

We recognise that each individual circumstance is unique, therefore we are able to tailor a palliative care plan that has been developed to meet the needs of family and the medical requirements of your loved. This helps to ensure that we maximise comfort and alleviate any unease, pain or discomfort.

Through our palliative care service, our staff are devoted to ensuring that your loved one is surrounded by those that are closest enabling them to spend their final moments within the warmth of the home where their most familiar and fondest memories were created.

Guardian Network’s goal is to be the pillar that supports your family and friends. Through years of experience in palliative care, we are able to provide additional support to families and ensure that your loved ones are as comfortable as possible.

Guardian Network can ensure an above standard palliative care service as we pride ourselves on the directly involvement in the specialised training of our nursing staff ensuring that we are able to help mitigate, control and treat symptoms.

For extra specialised palliative care services join this service with our nursing staff. Feel free to call on 1300 932 273 for an obligation free consultation so that we can partake in supporting and relieving you.

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