Rest assured knowing your loved ones are under the overnight care of Guardian Network.

With Guardian Networks overnight care services, you aren’t left counting sheep while stressing over the wellbeing of those closest to you.

Our overnight care services are flexible, span over any duration, and commence at any time of day and week (including holidays). Overnight care can include active shifts, where our carers remain awake to care for your loved during the night, or inactive night and overnight care shifts.

Feel free to meet our reliable and friendly staff who will cater to your loved ones every need.

Whether they require a glass of water, require a visit to the toilet, or just want to feel safe, you can have your hard earned sleep whilst your loved one is cosy, safe and sound.

If you feel you need extra, round the clock support we can provide you with that peace of mind through our 24Hour services. Our friendly staff are happy to assist you with any enquiry on 1300 932 273.

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