Memories are so precious, and that is why so many dementia sufferers prefer to stay in the familiar surrounds of their own home. This is made possible with our alzheimer and dementia care services.

Did you know that clinical trials have also proven that dementia sufferers respond positively whilst remaining within a familiar environment, surrounded by those who love them most? This is why we recommend aged dementia care.

Over the years we have trained, developed and recruited a strong team of dementia care specific workers. We have supported many families through their challenges, and more importantly, we have provided relief to countless dementia sufferers who can often feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated and alone. The secret to the success of our dementia care services is to keep the care recipient active and stimulate their mind, relieving the frustration associated with this difficult disease and give them more peace and tranquillity to enjoy their life.

Allow us to help your loved ones remain in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their home for as long as possible. Through our dementia care program, Guardian Network will help you avoid the complicated maze of the health care system and get your loved one the support, outings, care and mental stimulation they need to maximize their quality of life and give you peace of mind.

We are also happy to provide you with tailored advice on support services to increase the safety of your loved one’s environment. If you feel like your loved one requires a watchful eye over extended periods, we are happy to merge our dementia support services with our overnight or 24hour support.

We are the leading provider of support services for clients with dementia.

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