Our beloved, and often overlooked, industry is currently getting the much needed attention it deserves. This has resulted in interesting changes that some might call a revolution. These changes are synonymous with the new buzz word “consumer directed care” or “CDC”.

But what is this new shift in the industry paradigm really mean?

Here, at Guardian Network, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers of consumer directed care. Long before government legislation was proposed pushing providers down the path, Guardian Network was experimenting with a project that is deeply entrenched with the principles of consumer directed care. This program, the PACS or Person at Centre Stage model, involves tailoring service delivery to consumer in a way that closely aligns to what they value, not what we think they need. Quid pro quo, the consumer calls the shots. This, in minimal words, is the essence of Consumer directed care.

We at Guardian Network, support and endorse CDC and have been reaping the benefits of Consumer Directed Care, for years. Keeping a close magnifying glass over our consumer directed services, we have noticed improved job satisfaction of our support workers, smoother service provision and most importantly an increase in the quality of life for our “consumers”.

Guardian Network, therefore, is committed to providing the highest quality, consumer directed care, for you or your loved ones 100% of the time.

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