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The boy who DIDN’T cry wolf

We’ve all heard that tale of the boy who cried wolf. Unfortunately staff at some nursing facilities never quiet grasped the moral of that fable. At Guardian Network, despite receiving daily false alarms, we never EVER take the cries of help for granted. Regrettably, for an elderly woman at the Cambridge Aged Care Group Homes, such courtesy was not extended. Her calls for help where never heeded after she had slipped in the bath and broken her neck. The woman’s daughter has revealed that nursing staff shrugged off her mother’s pleas and disregarding the basic protocol of calling an ambulance. Another resident, who herself is a care recipient, sympathised with the victim, in her 90’s, and called the ambulance while unbeknown to the facility staff. It was only upon making her routine call did the lady’s daughter discover what had unraveled. The daughter explained that “they came in and didn’t call an ambulance, they just put her to bed and she just kept screaming”. The victim was quoted by the Sunday Herald Sun as stating to her daughter “I screamed and screamed. I slipped on the floor”. Several days after admission into hospital the poor lady passed away. […]

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What about me? It isn’t fair…

I’ve given enough now I want my share! You would think that after a lifetime of giving and paving the way for the future generation, senior citizens would get the hard earned care that they deserve. Well let us tell you how the government has left our seniors high and dry. The scalpel will cut deep in to many sectors which our seniors so heavily depend on. These include mental health, palliative care and hospitals. Our elders are not all who stand to suffer. Our young sprouts are also set to lose with the Royal Children’s Hospital being forced to axe 50 Jobs, cancel 300 operations, 26 beds and 19 day chairs. […]

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Changing Tides

In stark contrast to current consumer demands, our existing age care system was built in the 1980’s to sustain residential care rather embrace home and community support. The redundancy of this system was echoed by the director of operations at Uniting Care Australia, a not-for-profit home and community care heavy weight. Joanne Toohey emphasised that “traditional modes of residential aged care are going to become more a thing of the past”. Last year alone there was a submission of 24,000 applications, with only a mere 2000 of our oldest and wisest receiving a helping hand. With an ageing population, by 2050 the number of Australians who are over 85 and desperate for help is set to surge to 1.8 million from to todays 400,000. […]

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Protecting those we care about

Ensure that your loved one is receiving the care and support that would otherwise only be received from family. Your family deserves the best! After thousands of nappy changes, countless nights nursing you back to health and those frantic cheers of support at the sports finals… they at least deserve to retire in grace. But these days you can’t just trust anyone to take care of your loved ones. Not too long ago we heard the story of a nine year old boy who was abandoned in a local park for hours by his carers. Thankfully, the boy was found “safe and well”. The “carers”, however, didn’t get off so lucky, with criminal charges currently being laid out against them. […]

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